Angry CuccosJosh M, owner of the channel Really Freakin’ Clever is taking a look at yet another Zelda game and the things he calls tongue-in-cheek “wrong” with it. Starting way back in april of 2013 with the video 64 Things Wrong with Ocarina of Time, he turned the affectionate parody into an entire series. Normally the channel does longer videos, but because Josh will be moving soon he could not make the full 64 things wrong with A Link to the Past. So instead he cut it down to a quarter of the normal length, ¬†also because ALttP is a 16-bit game.

Watch the video after the break!

Note that this does not mean that the 64 Things Wrong with Majora’s Mask series of videos is cancelled: Josh just made this video to put out some content for his viewers, and production of his regular videos will return soon.

Are there things from the first half of A Link to the Past you would have added to the video, or are there things you would have kept out? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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