10 Zelda Informer Casual Articles Worth Reading

Those of you who have been loyal Zelda Informer followers from years ago will remember the time when the only articles we ever released were those by The Bombers: our writing team known for thorough and in-depth Zelda theories, editorials and round-ups. We’ve come a long way since then, and all of our present viewers will be well aware of the regular, shorter, thought-provoking articles that we supply these days. Believe it or not, it has been just over a year since Nathan and I first pioneered the ‘casual article’ concept.

Since then we’ve been able to bring you over 100 casual articles. We’ve had articles from almost everyone on our staff to guest articles from members of our forum. The articles have varied greatly for amazing to terrible. Many made a strong impact, both for the better and the worse. Today I present to you 10 of these articles from the past year that are worth having a read if you haven’t previously. It was admittedly hard to compile, and is by no means a definitive top 10, due to the vast amount there have been. Things like comments, views, revisits, public reaction, how well the article is written, and responses from other websites (like Digg and N4G) were all considered. Opinions were gathered from both Zelda Informer staff and community members. So, without further ramblings, read on for the articles.

10- The Truth About the Timeline

When someone claims to have the answer to the timeline people are going to be interested. In the case of this article it sure did make an strong impact. People tended to agree and say ‘well obviously’ or disagree passionately, there were few in-between.

9- Should Future Zelda Titles Have Fewer Dungeons?

The title says it all. By cutting down on dungeons Majora’s Mask provided superb gameplay in sidequests and in the ‘field’ proportions of the game. Imagine what games like Skyward Sword would be like if it cut down on the dungeons.

8- Link is Not You

It is clichĂ© these days to say that Link is void of personality because he’s an empty shell that the player themself is supposed to fill. But if you look at it more closely it beomces clearer that Link isn’t really the player.

7- When Realism is a Mere Annoyance

This is where the casual article all started: the very first one. Due to our site’s petite little size back then, it may not have been as widely recognized, but this guy had a massive impact on the running of Zelda Informer if nothing else. Plus, the article itself is pretty good if I say so myself.

6- Link Needs a Break

This article stands out for two reasons. Firstly suggesting for their to be a Zelda game without Link is absurd, and secondly, doing it in such a comical way makes it a part of this ten must reads list.

5- Long Live The Triforce… Or Not

If you want to annoy the Zelda community and stir up some controversy, seeking for the Triforce to be absent from Zelda is one way to do it. The article makes a strong case for it, but the responses make a much more, let’s say, passionate argument.

4- Ganondorf – Goodnight Sweet Prince

The first one of many ‘remove this from the series please’ articles there have been at Zelda Informer. This is another easy way to stir up controversy, and is how Zelda Informer got it’s nickname ‘the Zelda hating website’. That aside, the article makes a valid case.

3- Zelda: The Action Thriller

As the author, I can easily say this is the favorite of the casual articles I’ve written for the site. Zelda needs a reinvention of its storylines. It needs plot-twists like back in Ocarina of Time, not predictable find the mirror pieces like in Twilight Princess.

2- New Generation Zelda

Perhaps loved more by the loyal Diggers moreso than anyone, but an article looking at the generational divide in Zelda seemed to spark something.

1- Is Zelda in Decline?

And our number one article worth reading is another one that dominated Digg. From the classics, to Ocarina of Time, to Twilight Princess and the DS duo – is Zelda getting worse and worse? Will the decline continue? That is what this is about.

It has been a heck of a past year in articles from all of us at Zelda Informer, and we’re glad to have been able to provide you with so many of them. They may not have made the list, but there are some gems that were definitely deserving to be on there. We can promise that there will be plenty more to come in the future. So, what do you think of this notable 10? What casual articles have stood out to you over the last year?

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