1-Up Reviews Spirit Tracks

A-It’s a deceptively meaty adventure with enough novel twists on the Zelda formula to keep it from feeling phoned-in. It’s definitely a game that rewards casual play—not in the sense of “casual games,” but rather in the sense that it’s packed with events and quests that you’ll completely miss if you simply rush from dungeon to dungeon. The loose, upbeat banjo-and-whistle melody that plays as you ride the rails says it all: Relax, take it easy, enjoy the ride, see the sights. The end result is a charming side story that, like Link’s Awakening and Majora’s Mask, forges its own unique personality—something the medium could certainly use a little more of these days.

Catch the rest of their words here. With the addition of this review, Spirit Tracks is quickly becoming a hit with critics, earning an 89/100 average thus far.

1-Up: A-

NGamer: 92%

Edge Magazine: 8/10

GameTrailers: 9.0

CVG: 9.1

Official Nintendo Magazine: 91%

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