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This article is about the character and boss. For the game, see The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
Majora's Mask
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With the Skull Kid
In the Moon

"The troubles caused by Majora's Mask were so great... the ancient ones, fearing such catastrophe, sealed the mask in shadow forever, preventing its misuse."

Happy Mask Salesman

Majora's Mask is a fierce and evil mask from an ancient tribe. The Skull Kid stole it from the Happy Mask Salesman, and its evil overcame him.


Ancient Times

"But now, that tribe from the legend has vanished, so no one really knows the true nature of the mask's power...
...But I feel it.

— Happy Mask Salesman

After Link gets the Ocarina of Time back, he learns the Song of Healing from the Happy Mask Salesman. After Link does this, the salesman will tell Link the story of Majora's Mask. He tells of an ancient tribe (the tribes name is unknown, though it may be related to Odolwa) that created the mask. It was created for evil and "hexing rituals". But it got out of hand, and the mask caused many problems. The ancient ones decided to seal away the mask forever. But of course, there is no such thing as forever.

Skull Kid

The Skull Kid wearing Majora's Mask

"I went to great lengths to get that legendary mask.
When I finally had it...

— Happy Mask Salesman

The Skull Kid is a prankster. He loves to play tricks on people. One time, just having some fun, he played a trick on the Happy Mask Salesman. He knocked him out, and searched and played with his Masks. Then, he happened across Majora's Mask. He liked it, and the power it gave off, so he decided to keep it. But, as the legend fortold...

"It is said that an evil and wicked power is bestowed upon the one who wears that mask."

— Happy Mask Salesman

Once the Skull Kid put on the mask, the mask slowly began to take control. The pranks began to escalate. Soon the Skull Kid, (Or in reality, Majora's Mask) set the Moon on a crash course to hit Termina and destroy it. Link has 72 hours to stop the moon from hitting Termina.

After Link has summoned the Four Giants and stopped the moonfall, Link must follow the mask into the Moon. We find Majora's Mask leaning against a tree, on a child. The Skull Kid is no where to be found. We learn that Majora has disposed of the Skull Kid when he says to Link:

"A puppet that can no longer be used is mere garbage. This puppet's role has just ended..."

— Majora's Mask


Majora has multiple appearances, but we mainly see him in his Mask form. But he has two other forms, Majora's Incarnation and Majora's Wrath. Strangely, during the battle with Majora, Link will be able to carry a Powder Keg without the help of the Goron Mask, the only time in the game this can happen.

Majora's Mask

This appearance we see the whole game, only until the very end Majora switches to his other forms. It is a purple mask with two big yellow eyes and spikes on the side of the mask. It is also the first stage of the boss battle. The mask literally floats in mid-air but can be easily defeated with The Fierce Deity's Mask. His attacks are he gets on its side and spins towards you like a saw-blade, and shoots a fire beam at you (can be reflected). He summons the boss remains to attack you but they are weak and should be defeated quickly.

Majora's Incarnation

This form is only seen during the Boss Battle, Majora grows a pair of legs and arms. This form is very bizarre since Majora acts feminine and makes strange noises at the same time. It really shows you just how psychotic the demon is. Majora will run around in circles and fire energy balls at Link. The best way to deal with him is to use the Fierce Deity's Mask, Other alternatives exist such as Zora Mask, Great Fairy's Sword, etc.

Majora's Wrath

This is the final form of Majora, It too is only seen during the boss battle. After the Incarnation is defeated, Majora grows more muscle, and a Demon like head and tentacles that he uses to like whips. This seems like the "real" form of Majora, It really shows the Demon inside the mask, and considering it is Majora's final form, it probably is.


Due to the symbolism present in Majora's boss battle, it is possible that Majora is representative of the Sun Goddess. This is supported by sun symbols adorning the walls of the boss room, and the fact that the Fierce Deity seems to represent the Moon God. Adding to this is the possibilty is the fact that Majora may be female, as seen by the second phase. Alternatively, Majora could simply be genderless.