NOTE: This Walkthrough will cover, each and every Heart Piece, Item, Boss, and everything else.
Once outside the Ice Palace, use the mirror to get to the Light World. Use the Flute and go to location 6 at the very bottom-left of the screen. Lift the black rock on the right side to reveak a portal. Walk into it to get into the Dark World.
Jump off the cliff and head all the way up. You will see a large platform where you can stand on. Dont go on it yet, but instead head left of it and go through the entrance here. Avoid the moving balls here and head up. Aranage the blocks so they look like how it looks in the picture. Open the chest on the right for some rupees and the chest on the elft for a quarter heart container.
Leave the building and then head all the way to the top-right of this swampy area. There is a part in the corner where the walls are dented leaving an area in teh corner that looks a little odd. Use your mirror there to get to the Light World. Lift the rock to enter the cave. Push the blocks and make your way towards the heart container. Grab it and leave the cave. Go back through the teleporter and back to the Dark World.
Head left and down and get onto the big platform from the bottom. You will see that there is a picture of ether on the ground. Stand on top of that and use ether to reveal Misery Mire's entrance and stop the storm. Head up into the dungeon.
Head up and right killing the enemies. Hookshot across the gap and go down the stairs. Kill all the enemies in this room to open up the door up top. Head up a screen. Head down the stairs and make your way around to the top-right of the screen and go up the only stairs that you can access at this time. Head up through the door.
Push the block to the right or left and head up a screen. Head up another screen here. Head down the stairs and all the way up and open the chest to get a small key. Go back down a scren and go one more. From the room where you pushed the block, head right a screen.
Lift the pot at the top-left to get a smal key. Then kill all of the enemies in the room. Put on the magic cape and walk onto the spikes and lift the pot there. Press the switch to reveal a chest.
Open the chest to get another small key. Head up through the locked door. Just head up once again here. Follow along the path and head left two screens.
Be careful of all the different enemies in this room. Head up and left to the end of the room. Lift the pot to get a small key. Hit the orb to change it to blue. Head back to the right side of the room and head down. Head down through the locked door. Use your magic cape to get across the spikes and head down a screen. Head right a screen. Go down the stairs at the top.
Head right and past the blue block that is now on the ground. Go through the locked door here. Open the chest for the dungeon map. Head back left through the door. Go back up the stairs at the top-left. Head down and back up on the wired platform. Head up and lift the pot and step on the switch here.
The treasure chest will contain a small key. Head back across the wired floor and go through the locked door at the bottom-left.
Kill the buri here to get a small key. Make sure the orb is on blue and head left through the locked door. Avoid the tiles and light the torches to open the door at the top.
Grab the compass here. Head back down a room and then down another. Make your way around the room here. Before going down the stairs make sure you lift the jar at the top-right to get some magic. Now head down the stairs. You will see torches in the bottom corners. The first thing you need to do it move the bottom and top blocks on each side to the left and right. Move the center blocks up so you have paths to both torches.
Head down a screen and do the same thing with the blocks here. Quickly move between rooms and lite all four torches. After some shaking in the room to the right of you head right a screen. What happened is the wall on the right moves back revealing the hole. Fall down the hole here. Open the chest to get the Big Key.
Head left through the portal. Head right a screen, down a screen, and right once again to get back to the big room. Head down the stairs and head to the bottom-right. Go up the stairs here and head right through the first door you see. Get your hookshot out and then head right a screen. You need to move very quickly as the ground will fall here. Hookshot to the block and then dash upwords. Open up the chest to get the Cane of Somaria.
Head left a screen and then left once again through the door on the left wall at the top. Head up and left to get back to the room were you teleported to earliar. Unlock the door at the top and go through the teleporter. Head up the stairs and unlock this door as well. You can head all the way left here and lift the pot for some magic if you need it. Then head down the stairs and head up. At the end of the path head down the stairs. Head to the bottom-righ of the room and go through the locked door. Grab all the blue rupees in this room and then head back up.
At the top-left of this screen there is a jar with a switch under it. Lift the jar and then use your brand new Cane of Somaria to leave a block on top of the switch. It will keep the door at the bottom-left open. Head down a screen. Head left a screen. Manuver around the moving spike to get to the left of it. Head up to the top of the screen. Move around the orb for now and you will see that you can use a bomb on the wall on the left. You have to time it because of the moving ground. Do so and go through.
Grab all the rupees and then head back right a screen. Use your boomerang to hit the orb so it is on red and then head through the door at the bottom-left. Place a bomb on the wall at the top. Hit the orb here so it is on blue and then head back down a screen. Now head left a screen. In this room head all the way to the top and hit the orb so it is on red. THen go up the stairs in the center of the room. If you do not have full power kill the anti-fairy with magic powder. Head through the door to enter into the boss room.
The first stage is pretty fun and simple. Vitreous has a bunch of small eyeballs around him. They will move out and try to hit Link. Just strke them with your sword. Moving left and right helps to avoid them cornering you. Be careful when Vitreous eye turns white as he will shoot lightening down which is damaging. Keep striking the eyeballs until they are all gone.
After all the small eyeballs are gone, Vitreous will start hoping around the room trying to kill you. Just strike him with your sword repeatedly until he is dead. You can also use your arrows if you would like to keep your distance.
Grab the full heart container that is left behind.
Also grab the crystal and listen to the maiden talk about how Ganon used the Maidens to gain power. You will then be transported to just outside Misery Mire.