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Our weekly podcast keeps chugging along, with special guest PaperBoxHouse. We sit down to talk about the recently released Mario Party 10, the new trailer for the movie Pixels, and the recent string of interviews with top Nintendo executives.

Your host as always for this week is Adam (who can’t pronounce anything properly), and your cast of lovable adventurers includes: Jake (wants a Gold Mario Amiibo), Caleb (triggered as usual), and special guest for this week Alfred/PaperBoxHouse (he’s still holding out for Super Mario Galaxy 3). Tune in to hear our weekly news roundup, as well as Adam’s secret Kingdom Hearts/Metal Gear Solid fan fiction. Thanks to everyone who emailed in to the podcast. Want to have your question, topic, or work of art featured on the show? Email us at and we’ll give you a shoutout! Thanks again to HuskyByTheGeek for our wonderful intro and outro theme!

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Comment Topic This Week: What are some of your nicknames for each reincarnation of Link?

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