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In episode 36 of the podcast, we talk with one of Adam’s longstanding idols about some of the burning questions in the Zelda community: What makes Zelda II so terrible? Can you properly mod a Zelda game? And what exactly IS the Nintendo World Championship? This week’s podcast crew seeks these answers and more. But first, your team for this week is Adam, your host as always (Better in post); Caleb, the babe (This was his favorite episode); Jeff, CE Supreme (Making people mad, as always), and our special guest, Mick (SassPirate Mick, check out his new Metal Band EP this fall)!

In addition to the topics mentioned in this week’s episode title, we discuss Zelda lore, virtual reality, and RicePirate shares some news fresh from the mysterious cabin (also known ans Sleepy Cabin: Seriously, check it out)! We also have a healthy sized interview with Mick about his work, growing up, and the quality of the content that’s being made online these days, rounding out the discussion by asking Mick what he would do if he was in charge of an Animated Legend of Zelda Reboot. Thanks so much to Aaron and Darrin (rhymes~!) for your fan topics and Brandon for your awesome theme song.

If you have any of your own topics, theme song submissions, theories, or gaming topics, please send those to us at! We’re more than happy to answer most any questions (keep it safe for the kids, people!) and feature fan work, so don’t be shy!

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