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On this week’s edition of the ZeldaInformer Podcast, we celebrate passing over 200k plays within a year, Adam decides to host an episode without coffee (the results are pretty funny), and we hear some amazing gameplay stories. Your cast for this week’s episode is: Adam, your very sleepy host; Jeff, reciting a poem for your amusement; Zach, a friend and former staff member who runs PPGT on YouTube; and finally, Darrin, one of our most productive writers (we lovingly call him Dern).

Thanks again to those of you who submitted your fan topics! If you have any of your own topics, any cover art, theme song submissions or any questions, please send those over to us at OR follow and tweet Adam (he’s more likely to see it that way). Also, be sure to give us a review on iTunes, share the podcast, and check out some of those other links down below. Enjoy Episode 49!

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