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In this, the 10th episode of the ZI Podcast, our cast attempts to deal with a week of surprise news, starting with a game we haven’t heard about since E3: Zelda U. With two new casts members who aren’t huge Zelda fans (we love them anyway), we get some interesting takes on where Zelda U should go in terms of story development in order to gather new fans, talk a little about how the series is headed in regards to the narrative (with reference to Skyward Sword), and give some time to Super Smash. Bros. For Wii U and even popular fan-mod of the previous entry, Project M.

This week we have Adam (The Podcast Boss Man), Jake (THE just some guy), Leon (Zelda Superfan in the making), and Ian (just another guy). Join us as we reach into a deep discussion of the meanings in Zelda and related games and where the series could be going. And, as always, feel free to contact us at for suggestions, questions, music, art, or anything else you’d like to send our way! Enjoy~

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