After some trouble with the converting process (again), I finally bring to you the 10th podcast available for download. The podcast got really scrambled up just minutes before it was scheduled to begin. My scheduled special guest couldn’t make it at the last minute and I had to find a quick replacement. Even worse, Dabombster’s internet crashed just moments before the podcast was going to launch. Thus, our glorious staff member Yumil, and administrator Matt of the Zelda Wiki were last minute fill ins. (Thanks a ton guys). While it was a bit unorganized at times, the podcast did run rather smoothly. (Although I think I talked too much). Take a look at the link below.

Zelda Dungeon Video Podcast #10

There were a few minor audio problems, but other than that, it seemed to have been a success. The after hours lasted into the AM hours of Sunday morning and consisted of Mases’s Pokemon Gym, a modified version of Zelda Hangman, and the usual Mases’s Jukebox. Congratulations to Lysia of Legends and Adventure for winning the Zelda Hangman game. Additionally, I streamed myself playing through the original Super Mario Bros, Contra, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for the NES. Much like the previous podcast, I ended with a round of Tetris for the NES.

Be sure to join us live on Saturday, May 2nd, for the next Zelda Dungeon podcast.

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