Zelda Dungeon Video Podcast #005

The 5th Live Zelda Dungeon Video Podcast aired yesterday at roughly 3:15pm Central US time and lasted just over 40 minutes. There were at one point 30 members actively participating in the shoutbox during the live stream, which is the most the podcast has ever seen. Throughout the podcast, Dabombster and I talked about recent news at the website and at the forums. We also had a special guest, Deku Link from Portal to Hyrule. We had a short interview where Deku Link explained what has been going on at Portal to Hyrule, unique features, as well as future plans for the website.

The podcast then had a new section where three of us discussed a thread that was on the forums. Given it was the first session of its kind, we chose a comical thread, “the color of Link’s hair”. This portion involved us quoting posts from the forum thread, taking comments from the shoutbox, and the three of us giving our own opinions. The podcast ended with a question and answer section. You can watch the video at the link below.

Zelda Dungeon Video Podcast #5

The aftermath of the podcast did not go as originally planned, but it still had some notable events. One of them being that forum members voted on a brand new forum banner for the Zelda Dungeon Forums. You can check it out by clicking the forums link at the top of the website. Additionally, there were a few forum arcade game tournaments, but due to some issues with the software, these didn’t go as well as hoped. The usual Mases jukebox was in full swing, where various music was played, as well as the occasional Mases ‘sing along’. Towards the end of the live stream, several other users streamed some of their own videos.

Be sure to join us for the next podcast on Saturday, February 28th. Of course, you can now begin sending in questions for the next podcast question and answer section.

~ Mases
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