Zelda Dungeon: News Reporters Needed

We very recently made a news post here at Zelda Dungeon looking for new staff members. Luckily, we’ve added several new members to our content team and they are actively working on a number of projects behind the scenes. We also added a pair of new members to the news team but we also lost a few members due to other commitments outside of Zelda Dungeon. With that, we are now looking for some new staff members yet again!

News Reporters: We are primarily looking for people to make news posts here on the index page. This includes posting breaking news from Nintendo, analyzing articles from around the internet, posting fan works, and anything and everything you’d find right here on the front page of Zelda Dungeon. If you are at least 16-years of age and are interested in applying, then send in an application to webmaster@zeldadungeon.net or contact me directly on Skype (armochicken13).

Within your application please include your name, age, and location. Additionally, please include a sample piece of your work by writing a news post of your own. You can find an article online or make up your own piece of news. It doesn’t even need to be Zelda related. Once you have found something to write about, go ahead and type up the news entry in a similar style and quality as to what you’d see in a standard Zelda Dungeon post. That’s all there is to it.

Additionally, we are still accepting applications for folks who are interested in writing game content or producing video content. Just send in your applications to the e-mail addresses I listed earlier. First and foremost though we are looking to fill in the news reporter voids that we currently have at the site. I’m looking forward to reading through all your e-mails!

Note: All applicants are required to use Skype as this is our primarily form of communication at the site. It is completely free to download and we mainly just use text to discuss, with occasional conference calls. Please download Skype and contact me directly at my username, (armochicken13).

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