What do these three things have in common? For one, they all represent evil, but more importantly, they represent the 3 most recent blog articles over at ZeldaBlog. Nathan of Absolute Zelda discussed Zant and his role as ‘King’ of the twili. Archaic Sage of Rauru’s Return discusses… death, and its role in the world of Hyrule. Chance from LoZ.com gives his take on where Dark Toon Link came from.

All three articles are worth your time and each has its own flavor. The mathematical explanation of how Dark Toon Link came to be is priceless. In addition to the ever so creepy artwork of voodoo Toon Link. Death in Hyrule is something that really… we haven’t seen much of it. To quote the Angry Video Game Nerd… ‘Nobody ever dies in Nintendo’ and for the most part, this has held true. Of the deaths that we can actually see in game, only 1 (The Great Deku Tree) is a ‘good guy’ that dies. The rest of the deaths in Hyrule relate to the bad guys towards the end of the games. For a game series that has its fair sure of villains that rise to power, there doesn’t seem to be that much evil that they really do and that can be seen in the little amounts of death. Imagine if the backstory of a game talks about Ganondorf simply ‘killing’ off an entire race of people, rather than just, using evil power… or opposing darkness.

This leads me to the third article, Zant. This guy was just pure evil for the first 80% of the game. He was legitimately evil with the way he took over Hyrule Castle, the way he nearly killed Midna, and just his overall presence was freaky. Yet, when we found out that he was more or less just a pawn, it was lame. The article dwells deep into the topic of discussion and raises some great points. Definately check out all three articles over at the ZeldaBlog.

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