In respect to the celebration of Majora’s Mask Month here at Zelda Dungeon, an exclusively Majora’s Mask podcast has been put together for your enjoyment.  In addition, a regular Z-Talk will also be presented later in the month.

On the cast for this special edition:

0:51 – Majora’s Mask Month Announcements: Din and Rishian
4:02 – Red Star Theory: by Random Person
12:25 – Transformation Masks Discussion: Din and Rishian
19:15 – Majora’s Mask Roundtable Discussion: Hosted by Axle the Beast and Guests
40:10 – Time Cycle Debate, Hard and Annoying or Not an Issue: Din and Rishian
43:50 – The Character of Majora, Chaos not Villainy: by DuckNoises
51:22 – Closing Remarks: Din and Rishian

But, enough about us, what do you think about Majora’s Mask?  Did you like the game?  Was the time cycle to much of a hassle for you to bother?  Which transformation mask was your favorite? Do you agree with Random Person’s red star theory? Could the controls for Link’s different forms have been implemented better, or were they spot on for you?  Do you disagree with DuckNoises, believing Majora was simply a horrid villain trying to destroy the world?  Let us know in the comments!

Remember we want your opinions too!  If you want to get involved with Z-Talk, you should check out the invitation found on our forums and submit a section to us.  We are taking submissions about any of the games, such as your opinions on different theories or issues or simply something in Zelda you enjoy talking about.

Also, don’t forget, Din and Rish’s mailbag is always open.  Please send in your Zelda or Zelda Dungeon questions (by clicking here) to have them featured and answered in an upcoming podcast.

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