Perhaps one of the biggest mysteries of the Zelda franchise is the Fierce Deity, from Majora’s Mask. In-game, it’s just a mask that is extremely powerful and is used to defeat Majora with ease. However, from a story context, there is a lot of unexplained narrative. YouTuber and theorist GameOverJesse has this covered. Jesse postulates that the Fierce Deity may be Link’s counterpart in Termina, much like Ravio. However, whereas Link is described as heroic and brave, it’s possible the Fierce Deity may have been blinded by his ego and thus sealed away. Ravio is Lorule’s counterpart, but is also rather cowardly. It is entirely possible that the Fierce Deity may have been quite different from Link.

Personally, I’ve always held that the Fierce Deity was a war god of Termina. Given that his fighting style is extremely quick and brutal, and seeing just how fast he can put an end to Majora, it makes sense. I admit the possibility of him being a fallen hero, one who demanded political power or title is interesting.

What do you think of the theory? Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

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