ZangaroaZangaroa has long been a collection of people relating to VGRC that planned world domination of the interwebs. Oh, and it’s also the name of a web development company owned by our very own Dennis Wyman. Now, what so important about this that we bring it up? Well as you may or may not have noticed already, VGRC is now known as the Zangaroa Blog. Where have your second favorite forums gone to then next to us? Never fear, they are now known as the Zangaroa Forums. For those who are wondering, Zangaroa, along with yours truly, runs the network that ZeldaInformer is a part of. It was originally the VGRC network, but naturally that has changed with the name drop.

So if your in need of any sort of web development needs, hosting, and down the road advertising, be sure to head over to Zangaroa Enterprises and give them a try. They offer very competitive pricing and very personal interaction with the customers to make sure they get exactly the product they want. With that, I run off. Let the power of Zan guide you.

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