Something special to the Zelda franchise is the tune that plays when a player goes inside an NPC’s house. One of the tunes that is different from the Ocarina of Time melody for example, is the song from Link’s Awakening. This particular song is much calmer in comparison and makes for quite a serene environment. Now if you were to remake this electronic song into one with a classical guitar the results will be magical indeed. That is what one Zelda fan did and used her talent to cover this classic tune with her guitar.

Genna Renee Music, an aspiring musician on YouTube, has created the perfect remedy for relaxation or the perfect thing to fall asleep to. Genna Renee uses her classical guitar to play a soft melody that is the original tune from Link’s Awakening. This guitarist produces a beautiful melody with her skills and Zelda lovers of both the classic game and Zelda music will be sure to fall in love with this cover. Check out the video above while you play some games or even at work to make life all the better.

What did you think of the beautiful song? Did you achieve ultimate relaxation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check out more of relaxing music on Genna Renee’s channel!

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