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What if Link’s Awakening was designed with a more modern art style in mind? Well Jonatan Iversen-Ejve actually illustrated what he thought. In a franchise where art styles have changed dramatically from game to game, I’d say I’d be willing to welcome what he crafted. Hit the jump to see!

Nintendo has started a lot of memes, most of them unintentional. Each iteration in the Zelda franchise in particular seems to create popular new phrase, image, or otherwise famous “thing”. Nintendo also makes a large amount of references to their own games, but it’s the memes that leak out to non-Nintendo culture that are truly dangerous. Perhaps the most famous of all Zelda memes is “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!” which originated from an early screen in the…

Or just about anything you can stick a sticker to. If you’ve wanted the perfect decal for computer, but you just couldn’t find the right one, this Etsy seller might just have something for you. The small variety ranges from Pokémon to Doctor Who to Zelda, of course. These could be something you stick to your laptop, Wii, 3DS, wall, or if you’re daring perhaps you’d slap the Link to the Past shield on your PSP. Hit the jump for more!