Tag: the legend of zelda: shard of nightmare

Some folks really want to believe anything that seems like

something they would like. I mean, why not? I could see an error on my online

course grade book that says I have an A, but reality is I may already know I

have too few points to achieve that A. I really want to believe I got that A,

but I know it’s just a mistake.

That’s what pre-E3 rumors always feel like. So much stuff we

desperately want to believe, but many of us know better. We know it can’t

possibly be true, but we want to believe it anyway. We’ll search for reasoning,

or even come up with excuses. I’m guilty of all of the above.

For those who don’t know, we posted a bit of an odd rumor a few days ago referencing the potential name of Zelda U. Obviously, there is a high

chance that the information and image associated with the original

rumor are completely fake, but what we were handed today takes the cake.

An image has “leaked” that supposedly proves that the name “Shard of Nightmare” is real. You can see that image to the left, but if you want a full size, head on in.