For those who don’t know, we posted a bit of an odd rumor a few days ago referencing the potential name of Zelda U. Obviously, there is a high

chance that the information and image associated with the original

rumor are completely fake, but what we were handed today takes the cake.

An image has “leaked” that supposedly proves that the name “Shard of Nightmare” is real.

While I cannot say this definitively, I am fairly certain this is a fake—and sites like Kotaku and even one of our own Facebook Admins

would agree with me. At the end of the day, the whole “angled, slightly

blurry” picture—supposedly to represent trying to sneak a picture of

something without someone noticing—is a rumor trend that started many

years ago. To be fair, it may have its roots in the Zelda Wii cell phone

pic leak that showed off Link and Fi… but we can’t be certain.

That is the only image remotely comparable to the hundreds of ones like

this that actually turned out to be legit, and it was taken and released

during E3. It also wasn’t angled, just blurry.

Whatever the case

may be, this is assuredly fake. My inbox has been flooded with this

image over and over, and the closest I can come to a source is some guy

from NintendoDOMiNATiON, who refuses to give up where he got it (likely some forum, somewhere on the internet).

Why post it you may ask? Because why not? It’s fun to to talk about, if

nothing else. Remember, not only this image, but the previous rumor

have a 99% chance of being fake. So for those that hated the name, fear

not. For those that liked it, sorry to burst that bubble. But hey, there

is always that 1% chance. Nintendo knows the real answer. See you on

June 10th.

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