Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

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The folks over at NCSX have today posted some updated information on the availability of these really neat Zelda hats. The Link Between Worlds cosplay hats of Link and Ravio are made by a brand called Furyu in Japan and can be imported through online retailer NCSX. Hit the jump for information!

New PVC Figures Announced

April 28 2012 by Djinn

Takara Tomy Arts have recently announced the upcoming release of the Zelda figure collection. The collection of six pvc figurines will include Link and Zelda from Skyward Sword, Young Link and Young Zelda from Ocarina of Time, and Link and Tetra from Wind Waker. Each figurine is packed in a plastic capsule meant for distribution from a gashapon dispenser. However NCSX will be selling them as a set for $28.90. Shipments of the figures are set to arrive in late…