Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Untitled-5The folks over at NCSX have today posted some updated information on the availability of these really neat Zelda hats. The Link Between Worlds cosplay hats of Link and Ravio are made by a brand called Furyu in Japan and can be imported through online retailer NCSX. Hit the jump for information!

The update today details that the Link and Ravio hats that had been pre-ordered are now shipping, and unfortunately, that there are no more Ravio hats at this time. Although they may become available later on this week, be sure to keep updated with it if you are interested.

The prices range from $21-24, you can find out how to purchase them through NCSX here.


Screenshot (14)

plan on getting one yourself? Let us know what you think of the hats in the comments below!

Source: NCSX