Tag: Minuet of Forest

Everyone loves to see high-quality covers of famous Zelda songs, but sometimes, we get to hear a great fan cover of one of the songs you actually play in the games. The skilled musicians on the scarcitude . YouTube channel have covered Ocarina of Time‘s Minuet of Forest on Harp and Piano, and they did a beautiful job. Check out the video after the jump!

This week’s Ocarina Time is up, and it is not “Saria’s Song”! Instead, it is for the six temple songs from Ocarina of Time! Make the jump to see!

Cover videos for songs from Zelda can be found all over YouTube. Occasionally, though, you stumble across a few that really catch your ears. A video recently posted by spencersocarinas on YouTube is one such video. This particular cover is a duet performed on both a harp and an ocarina. Not only does it sound enchanting but it is also pleasing on the eyes. The beautiful forest surroundings make perfect sense considering the song that is being played. Take the…