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YouTube member zoxsk8 has gained a reputation for his custom painted themed controllers and consoles. Well he has posted a video of his latest commission, a custom gold Zelda themed Super Nintendo system. The console has been repainted with a gold theme including triforces on the controllers and glittery gold painted exterior with bright reflective gold replacing the normal dark gray areas. The video starts out showing off a few still images of the console then goes on to show…

We have been reporting on a rumored Wii U bundle for The Wind Waker HD. The rumors can finally be listed as true. The bundle is now confirmed for North America. The bundle was shown in the newly released Hero Mode trailer for the game. Check it out after the jump!

Nintendo week is a show produced by Nintendo which features many Nintendo products. In this episode Gary and Allison start off the show with a look at the original Legend of Zelda for the Wii Virtual Console. They talk about a bit of the history of the game and the series and then take us quickly through the level 4 labyrinth, making sure to give tips and hints along the way. The Zelda coverage starts :40 in.