Custom gold Zelda themed SNES console

custom_zelda_themed_super_nintendo__pal___by_zoki64-d6rk8n4YouTube member zoxsk8 has gained a reputation for his custom painted themed controllers and consoles. Well he has posted a video of his latest commission, a custom gold Zelda themed Super Nintendo system. The console has been repainted with a gold theme including triforces on the controllers and glittery gold painted exterior with bright reflective gold replacing the normal dark gray areas. The video starts out showing off a few still images of the console then goes on to show a complete turnaround showing you the entire case while also giving the viewer a better look at the paint job in another light.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

I think he did an amazing job with this, it looks like a professionally made item more than a fan made one. He did a really good job with the top coat, it gives it a nice perfectly smooth glossy appearance that really helps the gold shine in the right light. I only wish the later part of the video was actually recorded in a much brighter room since everything in there has a slight brown look to it.

Source: YouTube

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