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Screenshots of Japan’s Club Nintendo exclusive A Link Between Worlds Soundtrack have emerged, and it looks beautiful. Though currently exclusive to Japan, we can still admire the exquisite art and design of the inserts and disks encased within. Make the jump to check out the pictures!

Along with some of the newer Zelda merchandise that’s been making it’s way on the market recently, Club Nintendo has also caught on with another exclusive piece of their own. Club Nintendo Europe and Australia members can redeem a reasonable 4000 Stars in exchange for what you might imagine any Hylian gamer with a 3DS XL carrying case to use. Hit the jump for more details!

In addition to Club Nintendo’s recent update with their monthly video game rewards, they have also introduced yet another 3DS card case. Previously, Club Nintendo had a 3DS card case with various covers to change, whereas this one pertains to a specific reversible Zelda cover. While it only has one Zelda cover, it also includes two others, and can store up to 18 of your DS/3DS cartridges. Hit the jump for the rest!

Recently, Nintendo has put up as a reward on Club Nintendo, a points for rewards program, a limited edition A Link Between Worlds poster set. The posters have sold out already, and Club Nintendo says that the product won’t be restocked. The three poster set had been available for a fair 500 coins, the currency of Club Nintendo. Don’t believe me? Hit the jump and see the message for yourself!