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Many hardcore Zelda fans are likely already chugging through Nintendo’s latest installment in the series, A Link Between Worlds. For everyone who still needs convincing that the game is worth a purchase (it is), Game Informer has posted a video showing off what they like about the game. You can watch it after the jump.

The floodgates have opened when it comes to A Link Between Worlds reviews, and it appears that Nintendo’s latest Zelda game is off to a sprinting start critically. Game Informer has given the highly anticipated 3DS game top marks in its latest print issue, according to readers posting details from the review online. Hit the jump for more.

Each week the editors of Game Informer revisit the games of yesterday in an online video series called Replay. Coinciding with the recent digital release of The Wind Waker HD, which has already been showcased in one of their Test Chamber video previews, the Game Informer crew has chosen to take a look at the original GameCube version of the game in Replay‘s newest episode. Hit the jump to reminisce with Game Informer about adventuring across the flooded remains of Hyrule.