tumblr_mb7e7uLH0W1r300b1Most of the games have a common theme; rescue the princess, gather the Triforce, etc. And that’s great! People want to fight for Hyrule! But somewhere through the journey, people are bound to lose the drive to keep going. The ability to fail, get back up again, and try again, might make some people more lax toward the plot. Knowing that the world will have to wait until you can beat the temples kind of takes off some pressure.

However, I believe that an ultimatum is key to keep someone playing.

Majora’s Mask had an ultimatum. You were constantly reminded as the Armageddon clock ticked menacingly under your nose. You had to struggle to hurry and beat the puzzles; because in 72 hours, the moon would touch down and kill everyone, including you. You had to fight to save all of your hard earned data.

A motive is truly important. You couldn’t simply stop to the break the pots. You were a busy man.
The drive to save Termina was what made this game special. The race to summon the giants and gather the masks kept you interested in the game.

I truly believe that the upcoming Zelda games should include an extreme drive, whether it be a moon fall or anything else. A game where you can actually race the clock to save everyone.
But those are my thoughts on that! Do you believe that Zelda games need a greater motive, such as a countdown? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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