Second Annual Lozzies: Socialite

The folks over at have finished handing out their annual community site awards and Zelda Dungeon has taken home a winner yet again! Last year we were awarded the strategy geek award for being the site with the best game guides. We were honored to win this since our game guides are what we put most our effort into on a day to day basis. This year however, the strategy geek award, along with a few others, were scratched from the list, and several new awards were presented.

With the new set of awards lined up, Zelda Dungeon has once again won one, this time being the Socialite, given to the website with the most appealing forum community. This award is a credit to the forum staff we now have at Zelda Dungeon, first and foremost to Mr. Mosley, the head forum administrator, as well as to the crew of moderators. There have been so many changes to the forum in the last 6 months including a much more clean, easy to navigate forum theme that matches the site. This has caused the forum to blossom in activity level in terms of number of registrations per day, the number of people that visit each day, as well as the number of posts that are made. Even with the growth that we’ve experienced, most forum-goers would agree that it has kept its laid back, family friendly appeal that keeps many users coming back on a day to day basis. If you aren’t a member yet, head on over and Register at the Forums.

Be sure to check out for the rest of the awards.

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