Ocarina of Time Prima Games Guide

Ocarina of Time Prima Games Strategy Guide

I have added the Prima Games strategy guide from Ocarina of Time to the Strategy Guides section of the website. While we have a complete Ocarina of Time Walkthrough already available here at Zelda Dungeon, these old guides are always fun to glance through. The guide was one of many released for Ocarina of Time and is probably one of the better ones available. It includes appendixes for all the various collectible items in the game including heart pieces, gold skulltulas, and more. Additionally, it features a bunch of official artwork released by Nintendo. Some of which will be scanned and rendered for use here at Zelda Dungeon in the coming weeks. It has maps for all the locations in the game, but they are rather bland compared to maps from some of the other games.

I will be adding more miscellaneous strategy guides from the older Zelda titles in the coming weeks.

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Ocarina of Time Prima games Strategy Guide

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