You probably remember PETA’s recent anti-Pokémon game, Pokémon Black & Blue. Some of you may even remember PETA’s similar stunt in regards to Super Mario 3D Land last year, to which Nintendo left a polite, professional response, prompting PETA to backpedal and claim the whole thing was a joke. However, this time Nintendo seems to have lost its patience with PETA, and rightfully so. In their response to PETA, Nintendo released the following statement.

“Nintendo and the Pokémon company take the inappropriate use of our products and intellectual property seriously.”

It’s a simple statement open to interpretation, and hence we have no idea whether this means Nintendo will take legal action or not. But after multiple cheap attempts to generate publicity, at least three of which involved the ripping off of Nintendo products, I can honestly say I wouldn’t blame them. At the very least, Nintendo’s pithy statement sounds to me like a very irritated one hidden behind a poker face. What do you think? Will Nintendo take legal action? Will Peta make a counter-response? Let us know!

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