New Music from Zelda Opera

[news post contributed by Christina]

The music from Zelda has always blown us away with its impressive ambience. The emotion and reminiscence that each musical piece brings out in us can vary from person to person but the positive effect is a constant. Why shouldn’t the music from the Majora’s Mask Opera be just as amazing? MBulteau13 on YouTube recently posted a video of a musical piece called “Kafei’s Dream”. Multiple areas from the game are represented in this compilation of themes. It can be heard during a long dance scene in the opera. Check out this musical masterpiece in the video after the jump!

This is what MBulteau13 had to say about the music:

“Instrumental for the longest dance sequence in the opera, a pot-pourri of several themes. Some harder to find when it gets dense. Kafei succumbs to exhaustion after another fruitless effort and passes out. In the moments between sleep and wakefulness, he hears a strange melody, right before drifting into a confusing dream.”

There is a mixture of many different types of feeling in this one piece of music, which makes me feel like I’m on a strange roller coaster. It starts out low and slow at first and then builds up intensity by lifting the spirit of the music with a crescendo. The mood lightens a bit and then gets darker again coming in with the slower music again in an almost haunting and suspenseful way. I enjoyed this music very much. What do you get from listening to this piece? Would you watch a Zelda opera? Tell us in the comments!

Source: YouTube

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