Majora’s Mask Gallery

Zora Link - NinaUsagiWe have our final Majora’s Mask fanart update in the image gallery to show you all today, and a little extra too! Again, we have some wonderful pieces to show off, with 13 new pieces gracing our Fan Projects Gallery. You can see a bigger version of all of our wonderful pieces by clicking the links below.

Anju and Kafei – Random Person
Patience – Random Person
Elegy of Emptiness – NinaUsagi
Zora Link – NinaUsagi
The Many Masks of Link – xXDarthMidnaXx
TP-Style Happy Mask Salesman – know-kname
Getting Deku Mask – Josie
Link and Deku Mask – Josie
Corruption – arkvoodle
Song of Healing – Master Sword13
Anju and Kafei – Xinnamin
Majora’s Incantation – Xinnamin
Like Jazz Zora Band Indigo-gos – zgul-osr1113

Remember you can comment on each piece in its individual gallery page. But this isn’t all! We’ve also updated our Majora’s Mask Screenshot Gallery, courtesy of miss LozzyKate. While not 100% complete yet, with about 600 new screenshots we’ve covered bases pretty well. We will continue to update as we fill in the missing files. Be sure to check it out.

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