Majora opera demo eight previewM. Bulteau has recently released Demo #8 for his Majora’s Mask opera. This demo in particular has Majora singing lyrics that perfectly match with its theme song as well as its fighting theme for Majora’s Incarnation.

Skull Kid makes an appearance during the video as well and is shown to be under the mask’s spell while Majora is taunting him by wishing to ‘play a game’ with him. All in all, the video itself is pretty creepy and perfectly shows how Skull Kid has unknowingly been taken over by the mask and is being coerced into doing something that he would normally wouldn’t even consider.

To see the video for yourself, hit the jump.

This certainly has become one of my favorites of the demos shown. My other favorites are the Deku Palace and Pamela’s demos. My favorite part of this particular demo is the subtle references to the children on the moon, and how it is referenced in the demo helps to perfectly explain how Skull Kid may see it in the game itself. This only makes me more excited to see the rest of this opera for myself.

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