One of the most well-known Zelda songs is the Great Fairy Fountain theme. Not only does this tune appear throughout the series when Link comes face-to-face with the Great Fairy, but it can also be heard on many save file screens as well. This theme is very beautiful and mythical, and surely all Zelda fans envision the Great Fairy herself when they listen to this melody. Now if you want to feel as though you are in the fabled fountain, you can listen to Taylor Davis‘ beautiful violin cover of the Great Fairy Fountain.

This accomplished musician has given Zelda fans something to go crazy over. Davis’ skills on the violin are amazing, and she even adds her own twist to the popular song. All her notes are perfectly elongated, and you will be tempted to sing along to her playing. It’s clear in the video that Davis has a strong passion for her violin as her cover is played quite enthusiastically. In addition, Davis added a lovely background for the video that really gave off the impression of an enchanted garden in Hyrule.

If you found yourself moved by her rendition, you can visit Taylor Davis’ channel for even more violin covers of popular songs.

What did you think of the cover? Did you feel the presence of the Great Fairy nearby? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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