FQFLDLII3H4TP6Z.MEDIUMWith the release of Hyrule Warriors, several fans have been interested in getting their hands on Link’s scarf, something completely new to his design. This easy, step-by-step tutorial shows how you can create this unique item for cosplay or a cool gift idea for the holiday season. If you missed out on the Limited Edition scarf or if you’re simply interested in sewing or embroidery, click the jump for more information!



This tutorial (made by user Namisuke) includes a complete guide from scratch; some of the materials include blue fabric and several colors of embroidery floss. This guide is easy to follow and is perfect for anyone who enjoys crafts and sewing. You can view the video above or see the full written guide here.

Namisuke also has a Metroid Prime: Samus suit guide (the whole costume!) and two other creations. Be sure to check out her channel here!

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Source: Instructables

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