If you are anything like this writer, snowy nights are spent hiding indoors and enjoying something warm to ward off the chills inside and out.  If you are in need of something to replenish your hearts and fight off the cold, you have come to the right place.

Cuccos Kitchen is a fun YouTube series that gives viewers instructions on how to cook many video game and anime delicacies. One of these recipes happens to be Grandma’s very own Elixir Soup from The Wind Waker.  Our host, Pwnapplez takes us step by step in how to create this delicious soup.  Included in this recipe you will find chorizo, pears, coconut milk, fresh corn, a multitude of seasonings, and those are just a few of the yummy ingredients!

The finished product is a heart warming soup perfect for those frigid nights. Click on the video above for the full recipe and tutorial. If you need more video game meals in your life, check out more videos from this series!

Let us know if you try your hand at cooking this dish in the comments below!

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