IGN Unboxes Toon Link Nendoroid

Good Smile Company, the people who make Nendoroids (plastic figurines with interchangeable facial expressions and poses), recently unleashed a Toon Link Nendoroid into the world – and for a second, faith in humanity was restored. I kid, but seriously, once you set your eyes onto one of these beauties, you’re going to need one in your life! Lucky for you, IGN recently did an unboxing video featuring the little hero in green so you can see Link in all his glory (and cuteness!).

Jose Otero and Brian Altano from IGN were the lucky ones to unbox the Wind Waker Nendoroid, providing a thorough and detailed visual description of what is included in the set. Link comes with the Hero’s Sword, Hylian Shield, the Wind Waker, a Heart Container, a sword slash motion, and four facial expressions: excited, puzzled, angry, and wistful.

The unboxing video is available to watch above.

After seeing this, how badly do you want (or need) one of these? Do you already own one? Let us know in the comments below!

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