I Am… Not Error?

“I AM ERROR.” Is without a doubt one of the most famous Zelda memes. What does it mean? Is the man’s name Error? Or is it a legitimate mistake in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link? Hit the jump and read the article to find the answer at long last!

Turns out, Error is his name! Despite speculation that Error is a mistranslation of Errol, or that a convenient bug left Zelda II players with a puzzler of a message, Official Nintendo Magazine reports that Error is…not an error? Error may not be error, but something else is.

Remember this guy? He’s Error’s palette-swap Bagu, who Link has to talk to in order to cross the bridge to Death Mountain. It seems that his name is actually supposed to be named Bug. “Bagu” is how the English loanword would be pronounced in Japanese. Taken together, it’s clear Error and Bug are supposed to be a programming joke. Too bad it was lost on most people.

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Source: Official Nintendo Magazine

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