Hyrule Warriors: Spinner Trailer

Link and the SpinnerJust when one thinks the merry go round of footage is over, Tecmo Koei decides to spin together a new trailer for Hyrule Warriors. Announced in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, we got a preview of Link taking the Spinner for a spin, and so comes the official trailer. This time they show the spinner weapon, acquired through the Link Amiibo.

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Wow; what a great new spin on an old and useless weapon. Tecmo Koei is really on a roll with this weapon choice.

Also, according to the Tecmo Koei website, they’re going to give Zelda a new weapon too since her Amiibo is paired with Link’s instead of the other ones.

amiibo warriors

What do you think of the Spinner’s use in Hyrule Warriors? You might find yourself using it more than you did in Twilight Princess. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Youtube, GameCity

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