Gooey’s Dungeon Dive, a long-running series of video essays by Zelda Dungeon’s Gooey Fame, enters its ninth season! Over previous seasons, Gooey has dug into a wide array of The Legend of Zelda‘s collection of dungeons. For this kick off, things are a bit different. An analysis of Outset Island as a dungeon might not scan at first. It’s beautiful there! Link has a loving sister and doting grandmother. What could possibly be dungeon-like about it?

Well, as anyone who’s spent time with The Wind Waker will know, the opening of that tropical game actually does serve as something of a dungeon: It keeps link contained, gives him a specific end goal, and expects him to pluck his way through discreet puzzles using just the right tools in his small collection at the beginning of the game.

Join Gooey as he gives his insight into what makes Outset Island such a unique opening quest, and how he views the story and personality that The Wind Waker establishes through the island’s design. Gooey Fame is a great host and narrator. If you’ve come to know him through Zelda Dungeon’s channel and marathon, now’s a great time to pick up this video essay series! Give him a follow at his YouTube channel, catch his streams on Twitch, and get all his takes on Twitter.

Are you a Wind Waker fan? Have you thought of Outset Island as a dungeon? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Gooey Fame

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