Fan Art Showdown 22: Zelda VS. Hilda

Hello again, readers of the Zelda Informer universe. Week 22 of the Fan Art Showdown has arrived, and we’ve got a sizzling hot competition! This week we’re pitting Princess Zelda against her look-a-like counterpart, Princess Hilda, but before we get any further, let’s take a quick flashback to Week 21…. Last week, we focused on a single theme which was titled “Everyone’s Got A Dark Side”. It focused mainly on Link, and his dark counterpart, Dark Link. If you’d like to take a look at the action that went on last week, click here.

Week 21 Winner – “Link and Dark Link” by Auffallend

I always knew the Master Sword isn’t only Link’s best weapon in his arsenal, but rather a mirror that reflects one’s true nature. I’m not talking about the Magic Mirror from early titles in the franchise, but rather the sword of evil’s bane. Auffalend is the winner of Week 21, and their piece has beaten the competition by 8%! Congrats!

#1 – “Zelda” by Alderion-Al

Princess Zelda, the fair ruler of Hyrule, and the seventh sage. We can see she’s surrounded by an exploding light, but what exactly is she doing? Could this piece be a reference to the part in Twilight Princess where she gives you the Light Arrows just before a very epic battle against Ganondorf? I’ll leave that up to you.

#2 – “Hilda” by Erina

Hilda… sweet, sweet, deluded Hilda. She’s a very interesting character who we want to see in a future title, but in her piece, we clearly see she’s falling out of the Light, and her Triforce is shattered. It’s very obvious that this picture represents the downfall of Lorule.


Week 22 of the Fan Art Showdown is officially delivered. I understand that FAS releases are very inconsistent at the moment, but that’s because things on our end are a little shaken up, but don’t worry about it, it’s under control. From now until next Thursday, we’ll be recruiting a new writer for the Fan Art Showdown, whether that be an entirely new person, or an existing writer from our Original Content team, someone new will be assisting with the writing, and deliverance of the FAS so we can better maintain our goal to release a new edition of FAS each week. Whoever this new FAS writer will be is currently shrouded in a fog that is much thicker than the one that blankets the Lost Woods, and all will be revealed in due time. In the mean time, make sure you vote on your favorite piece featured this week, and drop a comment below if you will..we have much to do from now until next week, and we’ll see you in the tall, lush grass of Hyrule Field. Until then, keep hunting those Piece of Hearts, Hero!

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