One of the most soothing songs from the Zelda series has to be the song that plays whenever you visit the Great Fairy Fountain. It makes sense that it would be such a refreshing sound, as this is the place where players usually run to for a quick healing before continuing on their adventure. Today, we get to share with you a version of this song with just a little more spice added to it. Shaping the Silence, a music artist, has recently released a dubstep remix on the Great Fairy Fountain theme. Now, regardless of your opinions on the dubstep genre, this remix is seriously worth listening too.

The remix manages to keep the familiar sound and nostalgia that reminds you of those days of adventure, with a slight twist. Click on the embed link above and give it a listen for yourself. You might end up listening to it over and over again, and is that really a bad thing?

Let us know your thoughts on this refreshing sound in the comments below!

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