Pokémon Sword and Shield is finally here! All conversation about the game aside, I’d like to ask what new starter pokémon you think Link would choose. As this is written, I haven’t played either game and I’m only basing this debate on of the first form of the new starters!

We know that the starters have traditionally been grass, fire, and water type. It’s pretty easy to assume that since Link typically wears green, he might choose Grookey, the grass Pokémon. I could see Link with Grookey, but I could also see him with the water Pokémon Sobble. In my opinion, Scorbunny doesn’t seem like it would fit Link’s personality very well.

If I had to narrow it down I would pick Grookey as Link’s starter Pokémon, but not because they share the color green! In actual fact, it’s because of the stick that Grookey holds. I could see it being used like a sword. From what I know the grass type has a personality that would fit Link’s too, making for a fun companion to travel through Hyrule with — that’s if Pokémon and Zelda were ever to cross over.

What do you think? Which Sword and Shield Pokémon would Link pick as his starter? Sound off in the comments below!

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