As of late, I am finally delving into the epic saga that is the Song of Ice and Fire series, more commonly known as Game of Thrones for those who chose to watch the show over reading the books. The more I read, the more enraptured I became within the world that George R.R. Martin created and fell even more in love with the genre that is high fantasy. Dragons and knights, romance and betrayal, giant beasts and magic- these are just some of the things that captivate audiences around the world found not only in Westeros, but The Shire for Lord of the Ring’s or medieval Poland for The Witcher. High fantasy allows a romanticized glimpse into the worlds of heroes and legends that many dream to live in themselves.

If that sound’s familiar that is because our very own Legend of Zelda series fancies itself high fantasy. With dragons and evil doers and a chosen hero, Zelda falls within the realm of high fantasy sure- but what if we could push it further? That’s right, what if we could take the Hyrule we know and love and throw in more? More knights, more chivalry, more fantastical beasts, more romance, more betrayal, more… intimate relationships?

Who knows what would come out of this? The lore of Zelda is so rich and deep that adding more to it would only benefit the series as a whole. When can I get my Gimli-sized Goron or war between the awesome Shiekah and crude Gerudo or the takeover of Hyrule castle that has never really been fleshed out? These may seem far-fetched but that’s the fun of it.

With Skyrim headed to the Switch later this year and Monster Hunter doing so well, Nintendo is no stranger to the genre on their hardware. So what high fantasy tropes would you like to invade Hyrule? Maybe different classes to play as with Link? A larger focus on magic? Sound off in the comments below with just how we can make Zelda even more fantastical and Arthurian!

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