The Legend of Zelda has had many great main series titles, from Ocarina of Time to Twilight Princess to the recent Breath of the Wild. And with every great series comes a few spinoffs. Ranging from the LCD Zelda games to the CD-I games to the Tingle series, Nintendo has given us some unique and amazing spin-offs, with obvious exceptions. Granted, there are more spinoffs than just those mentioned and we can be sure that more will come in the future. However, outside of Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart, there have not been many instances of a Zelda crossover until Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends came out for the Wii U and 3DS respectively. Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends were crossovers of the Zelda franchise and Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors franchise, and both were well received when they were released.

My question to you all today is this: Should there be more Zelda Crossovers, and if so, with which franchises? Nintendo has opened the door by working with Koei Tecmo and it would be amazing to see the Zelda franchise cross over with other major or fun franchises. But what do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Anonymous

    I want a Zelda RPG. A classic, turn based RPG like Super Mario RPG on SNES.

  • Ikewise

    I’m not a fan of the concept of crossovers for the most part but my answer would have to be no, when other devs are frauds or the corresponding franchise is trash like with HW (which in reality was recieved with mixed opinions if you ask me).
    Another point is that the Zelda series in itself has a ton of variety in terms of gameplay. 2D, 3D, open world, co-op..

  • Red-tuniclink

    I would love a dragon quest x zelda tbh.

  • Vojou345

    I say yeah sure. I’m not a huge Zelda fan and only played a couple of the console games and only beat 1 of them,though I did play and beat all the handhelds. Now I have played HW and while I can admit the game wasn’t perfect, it was very repetitive,too grindy to unlock everything and just an ok’ish story from someone who isn’t all that well versed in Zelda lore. I will say for a first crossover it wasn’t so bad. it was a nice break playing as other characters besides Link and i did enjoy seeing all the crazy super moves each character had.

    But I have seen alot of Zelda fans use this one game as an example of why Zelda should never have do anything different outside of what is considered traditional, just as many of said about voice acting and I think that’s unfair. You cannot hold one failed attempt as an example to never try something new.

    But anyways, There have been many crossovers that have shown you can take two universes and make something truly unique. And In the right hands the Zelda franchise can achieve that same success. Mario,Wario,Donkey Kong and others have shown it’s possible.

  • Vados

    Is Hyrule Warriors even a crossover? To me it just seems to be Dynasty Warriors with a Zelda skin.

    Anyways, I’m not a huge fan of different universes interacting with each other. The story usually always sucks and everything feels like a terrible fanfic (which is why I can’t stand Kingdom Heats tbh). I’d rather like to see more Zelda spin-offs that put the characters in a different genre. A 2D Metroidvania would be awesome imo.

  • Sentinel

    I wouldn’t call it a necessity, but I would welcome it.

  • Theblueblur

    Hyrule Warriors isn’t a crossover outside of gameplay. But otherwise, sure, why not?

  • Matt Kitt

    A crossover just between Zelda games… meh.
    A crossover with another game… maybe?

  • Christian Beach

    The only “Zelda cross overs” I want to see are a “Hyrule Warriors 2” and a main canon game that shows the convergence of the three timelines.

  • Oscar Yasser Garcia Juallek

    First, and don’t take this as an accusatory claim of any sort(it is not my intention here)…if you’re not too big fan why are you in a Zelda themed site and discussion?(I mean, in one hand it’s rather weird even if on the other it gives an interesting viewpoint since it comes from a non die hard fan)
    Second I can agree with one of your points(that one imperfect attempt doesn’t mean the idea is absolutely useless)…but I think you picked the wrong example for the other(Mario, Wario and DK are universes that front the get go did not give a crap about how events unfolded and were very flexible in what is in them. They were DESIGNED to be whatever they felt like on a whim, let alone they were interconnected from the start. Zelda is an entirely different can of worms there, so to say it’s good crossover material because other franchises can have crossovers is not very sound)

  • Oscar Yasser Garcia Juallek

    A “crossover” between the series itself…meh. Hyrule Warriors was nothing to write to home about(the gameplay is essentially Dynasty Warriors, which is repetitive regardless if some people find it cathartic, some characters don’t make sense and the story is just plain stupid). With other series…I’m curious. Is there any other series with a similar approach to fantasy and tone that could mesh well with it? I mean, stuff like Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney is more solid that one would think because despite the rather different visual styles, both series are serious And eccentric enough to pull it off(and it’s far from perfect, but it’s still a nice game)

  • Vojou345

    Hey,just cause I’m not a huge fan doesn’t mean the world of Zelda isn’t interesting or worth looking at.I mean I like the series just not as deeply as others.

    Also,I still think a cross over could work. I mean Persona and Fire emblem were too completely different worlds and managed to create something different that many people screamed was a terrible idea but actually managed to create a pretty solid adventure,Persona Q again is another example,Kingdom hearts,Project X zone,etc.

    So personally I don’t see why Zelda is so different that it can’t have a crossover with anything.

  • Oscar Yasser Garcia Juallek

    Hmm. Fair enough on why you’re here.

    On the other front…I don’t dig Tokyo Mirage Sessions AT ALL(there are things on that game that I find outright cringeworthy to be honest), so I can’t say with a straight face I consider that thing a successful example of a good crossover and why they’re a good idea. Persona Q is not a particularly outstanding game either, but given it’s based on two games of the same franchise with similar enough themes and settings…it really isn’t a great example. Kingdom hearts has worth on it’s gameplay but the crossover elements are AWFUL(not helped by the overly convoluted story), there’s barely ANYTHING of worth in Project X Zone, and so on.

    I mean, I can put it as simple as this: Which franchise you think could have a crossover with Zelda sand actually work?

  • Mahihkan-opowatam Osâwistikwân

    I wanna see more of Linkle and Lana

  • William Roark

    of course

  • avalpsychicguy

    Zelda x Metroid. I’m just imagining Link having to fight Space Pirates, and Samus shooting down Bokoblins. XD

  • Conker

    My compulsion disorder will force me to by it regardless, but was not that big of a fan of hyrule warriors. Keep it canon!

  • Midnafan

    If they’re all as good Hyrule Warriors then heck yeah. But only under that condition.