As any avid adventurer will tell you, every great adventurer starts off with even the simplest of motivations. These motivations can range from “I want to be the greatest adventurer who ever lived” to “I want to save someone”, the latter of which has been used many times throughout the Zelda franchise. Link has been motivated to save Zelda, the children of Ordon, Hyrule as a whole, and, in The Wind Waker, his younger sister Aryll. Today, I’d like to ask this: should Link have a sibling in a future Zelda title?

As children grow up, they look up to those older than them, often emulating their actions as they want to be like them. This would make a great story point as we can see the effects of Link saving Hyrule, such as by seeing children start to emulate him to protect their homes. This is the case with the Children of Ordon from Twilight Princess, specifically with Colin. Even from the beginning of the game, it’s clear that Colin clearly wants to be someone like Link, which leads to one of the more heartfelt moments in the game where Link has to save Colin after Colin saves Beth from the Bulblins.

As younger siblings and children grow up, older siblings and adults have to keep in mind that they’re role models for them and that what they do affects not only just themselves but also the people who look up to themselves. This would also make a great story point in a Zelda game where, if Link does have a younger sibling, he’d be living not only with the expectations given to him as the Hero of Hyrule but also the expectations to be a good role model for his younger sibling as well as the fact that he would care for the sibling’s wellbeing. This brings me into The Wind Waker. At the beginning of the game, we’re introduced to Link’s younger sister, Aryll, who Link clearly cares about as is shown when she’s taken by Ganondorf in his quest to find Princess Zelda. It’s not until halfway through the game where Link decides to stop Ganondorf after he rescues Aryll.

But what do you guys think? Should Link have a sibling in a future Zelda game? How would you implement that sibling to fit with the story? Let us know in the comments below!


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