There’s an iconic scene from Unforgiven where Clint Eastwood tries to get recruited to go back to his old ways by a young gunslinger. He tells the boy that he’s not like that anymore, that he’s moved on and is trying to live his life in peace. He eventually relents, and in the end not only takes the job but reverts almost completely to his old assassin ways. He rides off afterward, never to be heard from again.

So how does this movie about a retired killer fit in with The Legend of Zelda? Hear me out now. We’ve seen a couple different version of Link: the kid starting out in the world, and the young adult trying to save it. But what if we go further down the timeline? What if we see a grizzled retired adventurer who’s been done with saving the world for a good while, but gets dragged back in against his better judgment?

We know Ganon keeps coming back in some form or another, so why not have one where Link has already defeated him once years earlier or even several times before? So how about that, commenters: would you like to see an iteration of the series where Old Man Link gets into one last fight with evil? Let us know below!

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