Are the games like Minish Cap, the Four Swords series, and the Oracle games as good as entries like Ocarina of Time or Phantom Hourglass? A Capcom Zelda game normally contains a certain amount of heart in it. It tends to capture the feelings and emotions from the characters or the story that is driving the characters forward.

Nintendo, by contrast, seems to focus on aspects that are closer to how the game plays or feels to the player. Sometimes, Nintendo seems to have problems with making relatable characters to drive forward the plot. This causes their Zelda games to have really good elements to them, but also really bad elements to them as well.

With Capcom, it seems as though they had a bit more time to flesh out their ideas and characters, which makes the game Capcom produces a little more well rounded.

However, Nintendo also strives to make each of their Zelda entries better than their last, so they continue to grow as a company. With the exception of The Minish Cap, a lot of the Capcom games feel the same, even if the games themselves are really well rounded.

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