Cosplay of the Week: Marin by Akuriko

This week on Cosplay of the Week we are featuring the sweet and lovely Marin from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Bringing the latter to life so beautifully is the cosplayer Akuriko.

Akuriko did a wonderful job with this costume; it is as if she walked right out of the game and onto the shore. The details on Marin are spot on; Akuriko is clearly very talented in the crafting outfits like these. The photos I chose to feature are in the mini gallery and, I hope, really give you a sense that Akuriko is Marin from Koholint Island.

Regarding comments about her cosplay of Marin, Akuriko had this to say:

Probably the most comfortable costume I own. Also, my first lacefront wig! Which was actually very painstaking, considering I used only a sewing needle. I’ve since bought a ventilator tool for future lacing though.

Akuriko has brought many other characters to equal heights of realism, and you can find them on her Facebook page. I definitely encourage you to take a look! There is a great deal more to see of Akuriko’s amazing works and her respective photographers.

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Source: Akuriko